Television Digital Converter Box
On February 17, 2009 all television broadcasters are switching from analog to digital broadcasting of all television shows. As of that date, any set that does not have a converter box (or cable) will stop working. You can keep your television working, by ordering a digital converter box or HDTV antenna.

TVEffects is working on the development of a product code named "Video Stitcher". This is a product that allows you to put together video playlists from video content found around the web and play it back in a manner that is very much like TV. Read more about it on our products page.

Search Engine Optimization
We do perform search engine optimization for quite a few sites but due to confidentiality agreements we cannot disclose here who those sites are. However, one that has agreed to the disclosure is More about them on our SEO page

From time to time TVEffects contributes various articles on a variety of subjects dealing with TV, copyrights, music publication, etc. Check it out under the articles under tab or select one of the links below:

Copyright Law

Obtaining Music Rights
World Television Standards
A bit about Bit and Bytes
FlashMX (dated but still decent)

Website Production
This isn't something that we like to do or do for many people, trust us in saying that you would be better off going to a design shop or graphic artist for your website needs.


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